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Rivoli Beadwork by Jean Power


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This 167-page beading book by Jean Power is crammed full of Rivoli beadwork using the sparkling, round, crystal cabochons much loved in the beading world. Featuring over 75 projects and variations (plus over a hundred more project variations & ideas) there is something for everyone. The projects range from small to large and cover earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and even a beaded needle case cover and a scarf ring! The beading book begins with the basics of Rivoli bezelling (showing all of the materials, techniques, tips & information you need to get started). It then separates into 5 different chapters: Seed Beads, Pearls, Geometric, Extra Sparkle and Shaped Beads. Each chapter has multiple projects along with any necessary technique instructions specific to that area of beadwork. In addition to lots of full-page photos (so you can see all the detail) every project lists: the quantity and size of beads you will need, the colours used, the techniques needed, variation ideas and detailed step-by-step instructions using a mix of text, diagrams and photos.

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Type: Beading Book