The vivid PRECIOSA Terra Intensive colors on seed beads have expanded the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range.  This involves a surface finish in 11 distinctive shades ranging from bright yellow to chocolate brown. The colorful seed beads from the PRECIOSA Terra Intensive collection can be used in embroidery, sewing or other costume jewelry or accessories for the warm summer months.

Mechanical and chemical resistance

The seed beads in the PRECIOSA Terra intensive and Terra Intensive Matt colors have been tested for washing in water and resistance to alcohol. However, they do not recommend using the surface colored seed beads in textile applications that will be washed. They color the PRECIOSA Terra Intensive and Terra intensive Matte seed beads using ecological water-based dyes. The matte finish on PRECIOSA Terra Intensive Matte seed beads is achieved before the color application using ecological mechanical technology. The matte variant of the intensive colors on PRECIOSA seed beads displays increased resistance to abrasion in comparison with the polished variant.